Butter Chicken | 奶油鸡 | (1 pkt)

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There are 3 small packs inside a butter chicken spice and it comes along with the recipe instructions. Pack 1 is used for marinate chicken, while Pack 2 & 3 are uses for making the gravy. One pack of butter chicken spice can serve up to 4-5pax with the recommended recipe. Details as below:

Pack 1 ingredients: Salt, Garam masala, Turmeric, Ground Cumin & Red chilli powder.

Pack 2 ingredients: Cumin Seeds, Cinnamon Sticks, Cardamom & Cashew Nuts

Pack 3 ingredients: Garam Masala & Dried Fenugreek Leaves

The dish was developed in 1947 by the restaurant in Delhi, India. The dish was made "by chance" by mixing leftover chicken in a tomato gravy, which is rich in butter and cream.

Butter Chicken is delicious when served over with rice. Butter chicken is a mouth-watering dishes and is proliferated throughout the world and what gives the dish its distinctive flavour is its unique blend of spices.

Health Benefits

A single serving of butter chicken recipe provides the daily requirements of calories and carbohydrates for regular physical activities. On average, each serving of the fat content has no risks. Butter chicken is high in protein, and with 3 grams of fibre for single serving meal which is an important aspect of our diet.

Butter chicken has a tomato-based sauce, the sodium content within the butter chicken is high if the tomatoes used are processed and out of the cans or tetra pack, (as in most restaurants will use), but it depends on the kinds of its preparation.


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